Sunday, April 7, 2013

Smooth Operator: Lush Grease Lightening Tea Tree Cleanser

Nothing is worse then waking up to a spot that has made a home on your forehead, nose or chin, or a red flashing glow stick that has mounted on your face. A big fat pimple really can down your day and placing makeup on your face sometimes inflames your pimple and seems like it can highlight the problem even more.
I used to get a lot of pimples and acne on my face as a teen, which I will blame on puberty and adolescence more so then anything, but when I got to about 17 or 18 I stopped getting pimples all together. The rare time I would get a pimple it was big, red, and painful but would soon disappear as long as I kept my hands off my face and ignored it.
Now with the use of cosmetics and old age it seems that when pimples do pop up they are acne style blemishes and take much longer to go away. Due to a reaction of a new foundation I tried my face broke out on my cheeks, my chin, and my hairline. I stepped into the Lush store and was talking to a representative about getting a face mask and she informed me about Lush Grease Lightening cleanser. I was hardly interested in the product because I was dead set on getting the face masks I read about but read the ingredient list and thought I will try and see if it works for me. I arrived home and started looking up blogs and getting feedback from the beauty world and saw a lot of positive comments written about the product and started to use it.
Grease Lightening Tea Tree Cleanser is a clear gel that contains thyme, rosemary, tea tree oil, organic aloe-vera extract, sea water, grape juice, lavender oil, and which hazel! I know that's some crazy blend of ingredients but all very healthy and have proven track records.
I was told that I could use this to cleanse my face, to use as a base to rid of oil prior to application of makeup, and matte the face. I use this as a spot treatment when one of these eruptions invade my face. I cleanse, tone, and moisturize my face and then apply this treatment directly to my blemish and go to bed.   It works very well surprisingly and literally it reduces the spot by miles or rids of it all together. Tea tree is very powerful and does wonders! The ingredients are great and an organic product you can't ask for more. This comes in a tiny bottle but it really lasts forever (though has a shorter shelf life- due to organic ingredients used) but really is packed with value as a vegan product. It retails in Lush for $13.95 and I think it is definitely worth a try.
Get a sample and give it a try! Lush Skin Care Products

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